Infos & Rules

36st Edition (2024)

Dear Exhibitors,

The La Gleize Show is organized by the ASBL "Le Werihay". It welcomes professionals, collectors and enthusiasts of military antiques from all periods.
The exchange takes place outdoors in the village of La Gleize. Spaces are available on the public street on delimited areas along the road or in two small inside buildings.

For the 2024 edition, an online booking system is implemented. This reservation is required to guarantee your space and participation.

The organization reserves the right to reject any application and to disqualify any partcipant and this without justification.

For exhibitors only, spaces are available on Friday, June 14 from 5:00 pm to start the set up. The exhibition and sale of goods can not begin until Saturday, June 15 at 6 am.
By police order, it is forbidden and illegal to park on the fair site before Friday, June 14 at 5 pm. Any offender vehicle will be tow away.

Stalls are minimum 10 meters (50 euros/10m), where parking of your vehicle is authorized. 
A free exhibitor parking is available on site for those who do not wish to park their vehicles on their stand. This vehicle park is located in the middle of the fairground in the field in front of the indoor building "Le Werihay".

Several stalls of 5 meters (25 euros/5m) are also available. Parking a vehicle is prohibited on these stalls, nearby free parking is available.

Indoor locations are also available in two small buildings, 10 euros per meter of table. 

Access bracelets are mandatory for all exhibitors and stall helper(s), they will be given upon arrival.

  • 1 bracelet by 5 meter stall is included.
  • 2 bracelets by 10 meter stall are included.

Bracelets for any additional stall helpers are 10 euros. They could be purchased online at the same time as your stall reservation or requested and paid when accessing the show.
Only people with a bracelet may access  the show on Friday 14, 5 pm.
No bracelet = No access. (strickly enforced) 

The stall rental starts on Friday 5 pm to Sunday 12 am. Exhibitors agree to stay on the site until Sunday 12 am, otherwise they will be excluded for the next edition !!!

You can select your location on the map. Reservation is valid only after receipt of payment and acceptance of these rules.

If the payment of your reservation has not been received a week after your booking, the selected locations will be automatically made available to other exhibitors.

No refund of the reservation will be done for whatever reason.

The markings on the ground indicate the location of the various stands according to their numbers. Make sure you do not build your booth on another place that you have been assigned, with or without markings.

We have noticed in recent show editions that some exhibitors don't respect other exhibitors and ground markings and build tents whose dimensions are outsized for instalation in a street.
If your tent obstruct the possible intervention of emergency services (police, fire, ambulance...), they will be removed immediately.

Exhibitors are required to comply with Belgian law regarding the sale of weapons, wearing military uniform and alcohol consumption on public spaces.
By police order, it is forbidden for both exhibitors and visitors to exhibit Nazi swastika or express Nazi propaganda and wear any form of Bundeswehr or other military uniform type.


Weapons formerly neutralized by the test bench of Liege CAN NOT be put on sale on the exchanges EXCEPT if they take again the European punch and are provided with the European certificate. Link to the legal text HERE


Next category of weapons is permitted at the fair: arms on free sale.

Empty war ammunition under .50 cal and ordnance such as grenades and mines, are no longer allowed on militaria fairs in Belgium. Empty shells above .50 are still allowed, if immediately visually can be established that they are empty.

According to Belgian Decree of 21/05/2013 on military weapons and ammunition, a distinction must be made between the so-called portable firearms and heavy military equipment, that, by definition, is forbidden, unless it is deactivated.

"Portable" firearms are firearms up to .50.
"Portable" firearms on free sale, with their respective projectiles and munitions, insofar as they cannot be used for weapons subject to a licence, may be offered.

Heavy military weapons are firearms larger than .50.
Former heavy military weapons must be demilitarized with proof. The related ammunition is always prohibited. 

The presence of weapons subject to a license and prohibited weapons and/or ammunition on the fair will not be tolerated.


Exhibitors are required to help keeping the show ground clean and dispose any litters in trash bags.
The sale of third Reich related historical artifacts is permitted. Are prohibited and may be confiscated by the authorities, any modern object or support to Nazi propaganda. (Souvenirs of all kinds, T-Shirt, Mugs, audio-video, DVD...)

Each exhibitor must be in compliance with the law and in particular the tax laws in force in Belgium. The organization can not be held responsible for the fact that during a possible inspection, exhibitors are not administratively registered.

Vehicular traffic is not allowed during the show hours, unless movement of local residents, emergency services and essential vehicles (mail, tractors, etc...)

Access to the show ground outside the visitors opening hours is restricted to exhibitors wearing a bracelet.

Minors who are not accompanied by an adult are not allowed. It is illegal to sell weapons, parts of weapons or knives to minors.

The organization can not be held responsible for loss, theft and / or damage to the equipment provided on the pits. The organization can not be held responsible for accidents or injuries during the "La Gleize Show." Any damage caused by a member or visitor will be repaired at the expense of the author.

If in case of inclement weather or other reason, the show could not take place, exhibitors are not entitled for any compensation.
The organizers can not be held responsible for any contravention to the Belgian law.

Dates 2024
Saturday, June 15 from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Sunday, June 16 from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Online booking 2024

All stands are reserved for this year.


5 euros 

Children under 12 years: free

Exhibitors move-in

Registered exhibitors only will be able to access the site of the fair to set up their booth on Friday, June 14, 2024 from 5:00 pm to 8:00pm, and this only after picking their bracelet up at the entrance. For the bracelet, you must submit the confirmation of the reservation, sent by e-mail.

Exibitors that will arrive after 8:00pm will need to wait until Saterday, June 15, 2023 6:00 am!


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